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Why is Photography so Expensive, Anyway?

Bless your heart if you have a small business. Bless. Your. Heart.

As a photographer in Arkansas, my small business alone pays:

  • $150 yearly LLC fee
  • $50 yearly business license with the city to be a legal business
  • $40 yearly business property taxes
  • $50 to be able to remit sales tax (like paying them to have the privilege to pay them...)
  • $$$ so. much. sales. tax. to the state, county, and city
  • $120 yearly for gallery hosting fees
  • $180 yearly website hosting fees
  • $12 yearly domain name fees (just to access my own name)

Oh. And your "income?" Go ahead and remove 33% of it to go straight to income taxes.

This doesn't even include CPA fees, props, insurance, gas, gear, ink, paper, a computer, business cards, editing suites, web design, graphic design, advertising, furniture, COFFEE, etc.

Please remember that there is ALWAYS more happening behind the scenes for small businesses. We wear a lot of hats. We pay a lot of dollars to our city, county, and state to have a job we LOVE. We hustle. Hard. Everyday. And we're stronger for it.

When you book a session with Heather Kleber Photography, you are paying for:

  • The time/talent/gear of the photographer
  • City/State/County Fees to be a legal business
  • Gallery/web hosting fees so you can view & download your memories
  • The photographer's transportation/gas/time to & from your session
  • Sales tax, which is 100% remitted directly to the city/state/county
  • Use of the photographer's props (owned or rented)
  • Travel costs incurred (gas, transportation, insurance, time spent traveling)

Does it still feel like a massive investment? kind of is. BUT...perfect memories are worth it. Honestly, most photographers make very little off of each session. I hand edit every single image a client orders, which means it may take me up to half an hour to perfect every image in your final gallery.

Let's say you have 20 images in your final gallery (HKP Package C). That is up to 10 hours culling, proofing, exporting, uploading, editing + the 1 hour photoshoot itself. The package price is $275 for 1 hour of shooting, a proofing gallery, and 20 final hand edited images. Remove 33% immediate for income tax. So only $184.25, total from the session total is left for the photographer. Hypothetically, if it takes me the full 11 hours to shoot/download/cull/edit/download/upload your session, I am making $16.75 per hour (before all the fees listed above).

Am I making six figures? NOPE. Not even close! But, do I love what I do? ABSOLUTELY. This business gives me freedom to do what I love. I get to work with my favorite people, create art, and capture heirloom memories for friends. I also get to be present for my family, which in and of itself is priceless to me!

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